Using its integrated e-2-e healthcare technology in partnership with Health Personnel (HP), Healthcare Providers (HCPs) & Health Insurers (HI), Pether is providing its enrollees with accessible & quality health services through mobile friendly solutions.

PETHER: The digital platform
that has its users at heart

The Payers: Health Insurers/HMOs

Our PetherInsure digital platform is tailored to help more underserved people gain access to insurance services hence more enrolees for health insurers or HMOs.
The insurer uses our platform to easily perform the following services:
sales, marketing and registration of enrollees
collection of premiums from enrollees
service administration to insured patients by healthcare providers
manage a myriad of benefits packages to enrollees and manage their claims.

To visit the Payers portals, click here (for insurance) or here (for HMO)

The Healthcare Providers

A digital platform for healthcare providers

provides patients with easy access to participating healthcare providers for both physical and e-visits;
facilitates invoicing and collection for medical products and services.
provides quality health services to enrollees and manage their claims

Health Personnel

Health personnel are now equipped with patient EMR for quick and easy life saving decisions during remote or physical visits;
Medical personnel easily share medical records with other healthcare stakeholders
Our rating facility provides the possibility for health personnel to make good earnings from providing quality services to enrollees
provide quality telemedicine and walk-in services to enrollees and manage claims.

The Patients

Patients can now easily
book physical or e-visits with healthcare providers and professional healthcare personnel with options to view their ratings;
hold providers accountable by rating facilities and health personnel;
earn points from prior visits that can be used as discounts for future visits after rating the services provided to them
receive discounts on a myriad of services from participating providers.
instantly follow their health history and communicate with their HCP on the PetherApp


Enrollees can register their group
registration agents or self register through
our mobile app PetherBen. More
information on registration can be gotten
from our partner HMO and Insurer offices.

Receive instant quality telemedicine services or book appointments with health personnel.
We have partnered with insurance companies to make sure you pay lower premiums.
Once registered, you are entitled to digital perks and access to purchase items from suppliers.
Benefit from Pether’s savings & loans solutions in partnership with partner financial institutions.
Our PetherApp permits enrollees to follow how their claims are managed step by step.